AVI-8 FLYBOY AV-4061-02 Men's Automatic Watch,

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Description: The British house unveils a new version of its Vintage Aviator collection, the Flyboy Centenary, also known as code AV-4061-02. Often appreciated as one of the best aviator watches in its range, the Avi-8 was designed and thought out to pay tribute to the Royal Air Force, which celebrates in 2018 these 100 years of existence... AVI-8 FLYBOY CENTENARY AV-4061-02 PRESENTATION The AV-4061-02 series is an iconic edition of the British Avi-8 brand. Made from 316L quality stainless steel, this Flyboy case is corrosion resistant due to its low carbon structure. At 4 hours 30, the Japanese 8218 movement reveals a nice complication: a small second is housed, offering maximum visibility at the hour and minute needles. This movement from the Miyota factory is visible on the back, thanks to a transparent box background. Finally, displaying the date at 3 o'clock is a subtle complication... but always useful. The dial is an intriguing blend of depth and detail. It features fluorescent white indexes, matched with great successes to the black dial and white tips on the hands. These colours have obviously not been chosen at random. They refer to the wings of the British aviation aircraft in the middle of the 20th century... Another exciting detail: the 3-hour serrated crown is stamped with the Royal Air Force logo. Easy to grip and perfectly proportioned to the case of the watch, it highlights with the greatest success the 43mm case covered with a sapphire glass. Finally, lovers will appreciate a genuine hand-stitched leather strap, offering a strong and comfortable fit over the long term: enjoy!