Pepperoni (Artisan Spicy Salami), Calla 200g

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An authentic Italian cured meat sausage, the Salsiccia Piccante is a delicacy which has been appreciated by people since the Roman Empire. According to Varro, the Romans mastered the art of meat bagging and curing in the Lucani region of Italy. Traditionally crafted from pieces of meat and fat, seasoned with pepper, salt, and a combination of sweet spices; left to dry in a smoker. This was favoured by the Roman Legionnaires, used in the canteens on their camps. Our modern version honours traditional methods, and is accented with spicy (piccante) pepper, which infuses this delicious Italian gourmet treat with a little hit of chilli. This Salsiccia Piccante has a number of uses; ideal for antipasti, sliced onto pizza, or incorporated into your favourite pasta dishes or casseroles.

No fridge needed before opening it.