Italian Truffle Products

This luxury deli ingredient is highly revered in gastronomy. Truffles are a wild fungus, relatively difficult to find as they are only found growing deep underground in forests under the shade of certain trees. This is our range of truffle products from Tartufi in central Italy. We have cheese and salami flecked with pieces of black truffle, truffle oil and a variety of sauces scented with the heady aroma of black and white truffles. With their intoxicating flavour and aroma, these ingredients will make an ordinary meal extraordinary. Add to pizza dough, or into a homemade pasta dough. Try mixed into risottos or simple pasta dishes. Or over roasted vegetables or in a beef wellington, or simply enjoy as part of an antipasti platter. We are sure they will inspire the gourmet in your life as much as they inspire us.