Extra'vegan'za in Wicker Hamper

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This extra'vegan'za of vegan food, wine and cider gift hamper has been thoroughly researched to be certain that no fish, meat, dairy, honey products are included or have been used in the making process. This gift includes a mix of wine, cider, sparkling juice, sweet and savoury items, including pasta and sauce with authentic Sicilian oregano, snacks, sweets and chocolate (the honeycomb does not contain honey and is coated in dark chocolate).

This Hamper contains:

  • Wicker Basket 18"

  • Malbec Merlot, Finca del Alta

  • Honeycomb with Chocolate, Charles Butler 110g

  • Oatcakes, Duncans of Deeside 200g

  • English Breakfast Tea, Basilur 10 teabags

  • Arrabbiata Sauce, Villa Reale 300g

  • Peach Sparkling Grape Juice, Donelli 75cl

  • Chunky Piccalilli, Drivers 350g

  • Artisan Pasta Orecchiette, Vero Lucano 500g

  • Oregano in bunch from Sicily, S. Caramazza 50g

  • Organic 71% Dark Chocolate, Vivani 100g

  • Cider, Cryals Private Bin, Charrington 330 ml

  • Jellies with Fruit Juices, Le Preziose 200g

  • Sweet & Salty Popcorn, Ten Acre 28g

  • Orange Almond Chocolate, iChoc 80g