AVI-8 Men’s Hawker Hunter 45mm Quartz Watch AV-4052-03

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  • Comfortable leather strap
  • houses a Japanese retrograde split time chronograph that sits under the flawless dial. This flawless watch brings the instrument panel and cockpit of the Hawker Hunter to the wrist, making it perfect for any stylish gentleman to wear as it will make you stand out from the crowd. With outlined skeletonised hands offer clarity and visibility of all the sub dials on the multi layered dial. This watch is clean and unfussy, letting you see everything in all its gorgeous glory.
  • 4.5cm(Case Diameter) x 1.2cm(Case Depth)
  • Black Plated Stainless Steel and Leather
  • Complete in a AVi-8 presentation box.

10 reviews for AVI-8 Men’s Hawker Hunter 45mm Quartz Watch AV-4052-03

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